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And then, last but the reverse of least, there plunged in all the people who think they can solve a problem they cannot understand by abolishing everything that has contributed to it. We all know these people. If a barber has cut his customer's throat because the girl has changed her partner for a dance or donkey-ride on Hampstead Heath, there are always people to protest against the mere institutions that led up to it. This would not have happened if barbers were abolished, or if cutlery were abolished, or if the objection felt by girls to imperfectly grown beards were abolished, or if the girls were abolished, or if heaths and open spaces were abolished, or if dancing were abolished, or if donkeys were abolished. But donkeys, I fear, will never be abolished.


"Наконец, в дело вмешались люди, которые надеются решить то, чего не понимают, что-нибудь запретив. Мы все их знаем. Если парикмахер перережет горло клиенту, потому что невеста танцевала с другим или пошла на ослиные гонки, многие восстанут против замешанных в дело институций. Надо было, скажут они, запретить парикмахеров, или бритье, или девиц, или танцы, или ослов. Но я боюсь, что ослов не запретят никогда."

(c) Честертон "Перелетный кабак".

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