moonkan (moonkan) wrote,

Я снова все прослоупочил?

ПЛ-14 уже обсудили?

На водку

По фото пока только одна мысль - привет тонкий чизетовский затвор.

УПД - 4чан уже обсуждает :

Did they seriously screw wood grips onto a polymer frame? Also, what is with that safety that is almost flush with the frame, why would someone want a safety on a long slide pistol that is hard to manipulate?
looks like a Pardini GT fucked a Steyr. kind of want.
Looks more like an SR-9 with an extra chromosome
Why does it look like their DEMO GUN already has rust and holster wear though? Did they have to fight off a pack of Siberian wolves and a Chechen human-trafficker with it on their way to the show?
Russians aren't gentle with their prototypes or demos. It's probably already seen more shit than any gun ever will even in the scope of combat.
Tags: Оружие, картинки из интернета
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